All stockings, whatever the yarn, can be washed, and if washed properly will withstand the operation repeatedly. Good quality stockings that have been properly dyed should not change their colour as a result of washing, but it is important that one or two points be observed in the methods adopted. All stockings should be washed after wear, otherwise the acid perspiration from the feet and legs will damage the fibres. The correct procedure is to dissolve soap flakes into a small quantity of hot water and when thoroughly dissolved, cold water should be added until the water is lukewarm. Stockings should not be soaked—they should be dipped repeatedly into the water until all the dirt appears to have been removed. Rain spots and similar heavily soiled patches should not be rubbed. After washing, stockings should be rinsed two or three times in clean lukewarm water and then should be wrapped in a towel and gently pressed to remove the moisture. They must not be twisted nor wrung, neither by themselves nor in the towel. They should never be put near a fire or radiator, nor hung in strong sunlight to dry, nor should they ironed. Stockings should not be worn immediately after washing and drying, but should be allowed a few days to regain their strength. This is particularly true of rayon stockings, as the rayon from which they are manufactured has little strength when wet. Nylon stockings dry very much quicker than others, as nylon has a very low water absorption. Rayon stockings appear to be dry some time before all the moisture has escaped from the fibres, so it is particularly necessary to allow at last two, or if possible three, days between drying and wearing. Stockings of crepe twist yarns appear to twist after washing and drying, but once they are thoroughly dry, this twist will disappear.


Stockings should be rolled right down to the toe before putting on. They should be rolled on gently and eased over the heel. They should then be rolled slowly up the leg and the seam should be checked for straightness as this is done. Stockings should always be put on while the wearer is seated and with the legs lightly bent. The suspender should be fastened while the knee is bent and never too tightly, nor more than half-way down the welt. The side suspender should be at the side, and if the position of the suspender on the garment to which it appears to fall too far behind the line of the hip, it should be moved slightly forward, for the sake of the life of the stocking.

Never smoke while putting on nylon stockings, as the minute particles of hot tobacco ash will melt through the nylon yarn and holes and ladders are bound to result. This accounts for many customers’ complaints that their stockings have given way, despite the fact that they had never been snagged or damaged in wear.