Packing stockings by machine

Packing stockings by machine.

packed by hand only but the larger ones are filled by means of the simple machine shown above.

The folded pair of stockings is placed between two polished aluminium plates which are the closed and the transparent bag is drawn over the plates. The stockings are then gripped through the bag in the thumb hole left in the metal plates and then withdrawn, wrapped.


 The stockings from various manufacturers will vary in length for any given size but they should never be below certain standard lengths. The average for a 9½" stocking is 31"/32" measured from the underside of the heel to the top of the top of the welt. If the leg is appreciably longer than the agreed minimum it is sometimes sold with its added length specified. If it is below the agreed length it is not sold as a first quality stocking.

It is most important when purchasing stockings to obtain exactly the right size as any undue strain on the stocking will appreciably shorten its life.