A folder pairing stockings

A folder “pairing” stockings.

Stocking sizes are calculated in half inches, whereas shoe sizes vary in quarter inch stages. Thus shoe sizes four and four-and-a-half are covered by nine inch stockings—five and five-and-a-half shoe sizes by nine-and-a-half inch stockings—six, six-and-a-half and seven by ten inch stockings, and so on.

Those stockings which have been rejected pending further repair by the folders are mended with yarn identical to that of which the stocking is constructed, as are all the repairs done in the main mending room mentioned earlier. This is essential, as the behaviour in wear and in washing may be quite different for any two yarns of unlike construction, though they may be identical in appearance.


The final processes in the manufacture of Pretty Polly Hosiery are carried out in the packing rooms. The stockings, according to type and quality, are packed in transparent bags preparatory to boxing. The smaller bags are