Section of the Folding Room

Section of the Folding Room.

A stocking described as a “second” sold by a reputable manufacturer will not contain any flaws that will be visible in wear.

Some typical faults, whilst sufficient to render the stocking unfit for sale as first quality, but which will in no way impair its general appearance in wear, are the mis-matching of the welts, slight unevenness in the construction of stitches in the legs, slight inequality in colour density in the leg of the stocking, or a small correction. Very minor defects in the thickness of the yarn will also lower the selling quality of the stocking. No stocking containing more than two mends is acceptable even as a second. Slight irregularities in the yarn’s thickness in the construction of pure silk stockings is acceptable. As first quality, a stocking must be within one inch of the prescribed length of leg.

For foot sizing, tolerance above the prescribed length is permitted, but there is no tolerance allowed if there is a shortness in the foot length. This means that a stocking stated to be size nine is at least nine inches long, but if it is only eight-and-threequarters inches in length, it must be re-classified as size eight-and-a-half.