Finishing Operations

The stockings are received back from the dyehouse in hampers containing about 70 dozens each and are passed directly into the finishing departments, the sections of which are known technically as Transferring, Folding, Mending and Packaging Rooms.

They are first checked against sample fashion shade ranges supplied at the start of the season by the dye works, for approval for colour matching. If they are of the requisite standard, they are then passed on for further inspection. If the colour of the stockings varies in the slightest degree from that of the sample, they are returned to the dye works for re-dyeing. They are then inspected for any flaws that may have become apparent after dyeing.

The manufacturer’s name or trade mark, the quality of the stocking and its size is printed on to the stocking immediately after checking. There are two principal methods used to print the stockings. One employs a paper transfer which is applied by means of a small suspended flat iron, and the other is in effect a miniature printing press. Some printed stocking markings

Hot-iron transfer marking of stockings.

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