Stockings are returned to the Inspection Department after mending and only when the flaws have been corrected to the satisfaction of the inspectors, do they go forward to the dye warehouse, ready for despatch to the dye works. The dye works has its own inspection department and on the return of the stockings to the hosiery factory, they are subjected to further inspection for flaws that may have been produced during the dyeing process, by damage in transit or some other cause. It is possible for some flaws not to be visible until after the stockings have been dyed, although they may have existed from some earlier stage of manufacture. There is a small mending department dealing with such flaws attached to the finishing departments of the factory and quite separate from the mending departments working with the main inspection section.

The Dye Warehouse

Before leaving the factory to be taken to the dye works, all the completed stockings are taken to the Dye Warehouse and packed ready for despatch. Labels are attached indicating the colours to which the stockings are to be dyed and any other treatment that they are to receive.

Counting stockings before dyeing.

Counting stockings before dyeing