completed their task prevents the stocking being classed first quality product and a stocking which possesses any flaw which would impair its appearance in any way is not sold at all.

Occasionally faults creep in at the linking stage, where hasty positioning of the stocking on the points of the linking machine has resulted in one or more loops being missed by the looping mechanism of the machine. Once again, it is quite simple for the inspectors to find such flaws, either on their skeleton leg forms or on the expanding legs, and to mark up the damaged stocking either for return to the process where the flaw has occurred or to the Mending department for correction.

Faulty seaming is sometimes the result of insufficient care being given to the placing of the edges of the fabric in the knurled head of the seaming guide wheels. The consequent seam showing a hole where the stitches have passed through one thickness of fabric only. This type of flaw can only be corrected by the removal of the entire seam and the stitching of a new seam to the stocking. This is quite a simple operation as seaming is a multi-thread process and one of the threads serves merely to lock the others in place. If this locking thread is drawn away from one end of the seam, the whole seam will collapse and a new one may then be stitched.

Stray threads in the seam are removed by hand.

Stray threads in the seam are removed by hand