Making up

When the fabric of a stocking is to be joined various methods have to be used according to whether it needs to be made as inconspicuous and as smooth as possible or not. A back seam of a stocking has a definite fashion value and is not intended to be invisible. On the other hand any joins in the fabric where the stocking covers the foot should be as inconspicuous as possible and for comfort alone they must be as near non-existent as they can be made.

Where side edges are joined it is quite simple to seam them on a machine which produces a stitch very similar to that used in over-locking or button-holing.

Toe linking. In the construction of certain types of stocking foot the edges of the heel tabs and the fabric are “linked”. The linking machine inserts a thread into the loops of the two fabrics to be joined, and serves a purpose similar to that of the pin in an ordinary hinge. To ensure that the

Waling, or rubbing out, the wale of stocking fabric to simplify
positioning of loops on the linker.

Waling, or rubbing out, the wale of stocking fabric