Diagrams illustrating the types of fully-fashioned stockings

English Foot                French Foot                 Round Heel

These diagrams are similar to those issued to the knitters together with order dockets indicating the quantity of a particular type of stocking he is required to produce.

From them it is possible to see the manner in which the three main types of fully-fashioned stockings are constructed. On the complete diagrams issued in the factory, there are indications of the number of courses to be knitted in each section—as these vary for every type of yarn and for every size of stocking they are not shown here.

It is at once obvious from these drawings to see which parts of a stocking are made from single-fabric, double-knitted fabric, or doubled, double-knitted fabric. In the case of French Foot and Round Heel styles folding and seaming results in a continuous seam from welt to toe. In the English Foot type one seam extends from the welt to the heel and from there two seams run—one either side of the foot.