During the period 1950-1952 the large and spacious building illustrated was brought into operation, and allowance has been made for further expansion when required.

Each of the structural developments has meant not only an increase of factory area, but also the installation of new and improved machinery, and the scrapping of old.

The distribution system and selling policy of “Pretty Polly” is based on a

Artist's impression of multi-head fully-fashioned stocking machines

Artist’s impression of multi-head fully-fashioned stocking machines

close relationship between the Company and its selected retail outlets. The Company does not employ Salesmen to visit its customers, but it does employ a small group of representatives whose task is to visit retailers of “Pretty Polly” stockings on behalf of the Company, and to ensure that these customers’ needs are fully understood by the manufacturing side, and to explain the Company’s manufacturing policy in return.

“Pretty Polly” stockings have been exported to all parts of the world, and a large and vigorous export trade is constantly maintained.