the extensive and impressive “Pretty Polly” range.

The introduction of Nylon to the hosiery industry of Great Britain was welcomed by the Company, and Nylon took its place in their range of products, certainly as soon as, if not earlier, than in the ranges manufactured by other concerns.

The Hibbert and Buckland—Pretty Polly organization is constantly investigating the possibilities of new and improved raw materials and methods

Artist's impression of Pretty Polly linking and seaming departments

Artist’s impression of the linking and seaming departments

methods of production, and the policy of the joint Companies is to take every possible step to ensure that its products embody all the advantages of new developments as soon as they become practicable.

The factory in Sutton-in-Ashfield is probably the most modernly equipped plant of its kind in Europe. The small original building became insufficient for the Company’s needs very soon after it was first opened, and its manufacturing capacity and buildings have doubled in size no less than five times in the course of thirty years.