heading be used for general activities.

Semi-Service Weight. The stockings are made from seven- to nine-threads silk, also 100/150 Den. rayon, and 2/100 lisle, according to the gauge of the machine on which they are made. The stockings, with lisle or cotton welts, are favourites of many older women because they afford protection for the legs, and give warmth in winter.

Service Weight. The types of stockings under this classification are very numerous, and the following—to mention a few of the popular types, with their construction—are eminently suitable for industry and for the country:-

Plated Construction-

 75Den. rayon plated on 1/120mercerised cotton
 100 ''1/100'' 
 120 face, plated on 50 wool back.

Cotton Construction-

 2/80 mercerised cotton.

Mixture Construction-

 Wool and rayon yarns twisted together. Some of these hose have a ribbed wool portion at the top of the leg, giving better fit for persons having legs a little larger than average above the knee.

Lace Stockings are worn at all times—the design of the mesh can be adapted in such a way as to produce stockings which are correct for any occasion. These designs can be made in rayon or mercerised cotton.

A brief account only has been given here, and it should not be forgotten that thickness of yarn, and gauge of machine, are interdependent factors in the classifying of hose under the different headings.


Unfortunately, it is left to the retailer to inform his customers what to expect from different weights of hosiery purchased. There are still customers who want to use very sheer hose on all occasions. Of course, retailers are very glad to sell these, but customers should be warned that if they expose to daytime wear and tear, those stockings made expressly for evening wear

notably for evening wear—and if dyed a flesh colour, the stockings are hardly more than a shadow on the leg.

Two-Thread Silk and 20 Den. Nylon. The silk and nylon yarns when high-twisted, give somewhat longer wear than the same yarns without twist. Many smartly-dressed customers think these hose suitable for afternoon wear (although not recommended) and these being rendered conspicuous by the short daytime skirt, it is also demanded of them that they show the leg to the best possible advantage. This type of stocking is worn by women for shopping, business, or travel, true to their tradition for sacrificing practicability for a pleasing appearance, as this weight is really quite unsuited to any of these occasions. The feminine viewpoint appears to be, however, that anything heavier than this style is “too much stocking”.

Three-Thread Silk, 30 Den. Nylon (or Rayon) Sheers. This stocking is favoured by an increasing number of women for day-in-day-out wear. The Three-thread styles combine sheer fabric with a luxurious texture, and give a degree of serviceability, particularly if Grenadine or Compenzine yarns are used, as these have more elasticity and a greater resistance to snags. Various styles are made from these yarns, including two-way stretch tops, and elastic lace tops, which completely absorb strain caused by the bending of the knees and the pulling of suspenders.

Four-Thread Silk, 40/50 Den. Nylon or Rayon Sheers (Light Weight). The stockings made from four-thread are designed for every-day use in town, for suburban activities, and for home. They are particularly suitable for the business woman, the stockings combining super-durability with the much-desired pleasing appearance. Higher prices are, of course, asked for special constructional features, especially for styles having a basis of crepe fabric of finest quality silk, also for specially twisted nylon and rayon. These stockings always respond better to the dyeing process, as on this weight a special solution designed to hold in the loose fibres of the silk, can be used.

Five- or Six-Thread Silk, 60/75 Den. Rayon, also 2/140 Lisle (General Purpose) Stockings. These are classed as semi-sheer styles, their construction being of medium weight. The silk, nylon, or rayon in these styles having a very high twist, the stockings are very durable and again owing to the twist, a surprisingly sheer appearance can be achieved. Manufacturers suggest that stockings made under this