Constructional alteration of the foot, for the improvement of the fit of Women’s Hosiery styles, is progressive, and we can look forward to “Fit Features” (now in the Manufacturers’ experimental stage) being released. Manufacturers agree that fitting qualities will be a sales point, and that sheerness of the hose alone may not sell them. Women go to a fitting room when they buy shoes, and the time is not far distant when retailers will offer fitting-room service for stockings, such service to cater for:-

Foot Size.

Proportionate Length of Leg.

Welt Stretch.

Ankle Fit (in particular, undue looseness).

Foot Style, i.e., adaptation to the shoes or sandals with which the hose is intended to be worn.

Colour of stocking, taking into consideration general ensemble, and dress accessories.

Extending this service, stockings could be made in groups, such groups representing variations in women’s stature, weight, and height, which variations are reflected in the differing areas of wear. This method would ensure a more satisfactory fit by catering—in particular—for the volume measurements of the foot, these measurements being arrived at by comparison with foot models of known volumetric capacity, representative of the various types. This volumetric capacity is the most satisfactory method of producing a really good fit, and the production of the perfect stocking must, therefore, depend upon volume, and the natural adaptability of the stocking to adjust itself to such volume. Stockings manufactured without consideration of this, could not be expected to give the same degree of satisfaction.

Fig. 44 Stocking foot styles - part 2.

FIG. 44