10. Another openwork diagonal design in toe only, suitable for pure silk, for open toe, low-cut sandal style of shoe.

11. Block toe and heel featured in silk, specially reinforced for extra hard wear.

12. Reinforced and ring-shadowed toe, style suitable for 45 Gauge in silk.

13. Tempered heel, with so-called “vamp toe”, both toe and heel being silk plated on mercerised lisle.

14. This style lends itself for a stocking made from high-twist rayon.

15. This type of foot would go well on a stocking made from rayon, manufactured in a close mesh design, with heel and sole of rayon, the toe being rayon plated on cotton.

16. Style of foot which would look well in all-rayon, with all-rayon leg plain-stitch stocking having a cotton reinforced toe.

17. This type of foot would be suitable for a fine cotton lace design stocking, having a heel to sole of rayon plated on cotton.

18. Popular style of foot used with leg of cotton mesh, having an openwork heel/sole division, and single narrowed toe, the whole heel to toe being of cotton construction.

19. “Round” heel design suitable for high-twist rayon.

20. Another “round” heel design having a special reinforcement of heel and part of sole, together with full toe which has a single narrowing.

21. A further “round” heel style used in hose made from rayon, having double narrowed toe.

22. The universal type of English foot. This style has a seam at each side of the foot, being in direct contrast to all the French foot types, these having an under-the-foot seam. (All the preceding styles described in 1/21 are French Foot types.) In the English foot pictured here, note the reinforcement of splicing thread above sole seam, widening as it nears the toe.

23. Seamless foot made with “square” heel (so called because of right-angled stitches) and having a gusset-toe. This actual gusset is knitted in when the stocking is made, the combination of this heel and toe being the latest mock-fashioned sole development constructed on a seamless machine.

24. Old type of seamless heel and toe rapidly being replaced by type 23.

Fig. 43 Stocking foot styles - part 1.

FIG. 43