Fig. 38 Seamless Stocking loop formation.

1. Shows the needle in its rest position with the sinker forward, the loop around the
    latch of this needle.

2. The needle has moved up to the clearing of the loop position, while the sinker
    remains forward. The new yarn is shown being fed to the needle.

3. The needle has moved downwards, by this operation the new loop is drawn
    through the old loop.


nylon, this process moulding and setting the hose in a permanent shape.

Here it may be stated that “Pre-Shrunk” nylon yarn (yarn which has been pre-set) is sometimes used for the welts of stockings, presenting an added feature in that greater elasticity is contributed to that portion of the hose where it is most required.

“No-Seam” stockings cannot be made on fully-fashioned machines.

Seamless machines knit 15, 20, or 30 Den. multi-filament nylon into stockings which are wisps of loveliness. The stockings produced on these machines are as fine as those made on 51 Gauge Fully-Fashioned frames, and the delicately sheer stockings being entirely free of seams, the streamlined effect is emphasised. Who shall say that by this means, the bogey of the twisted leg-seam may not be banished for ever!

Because the stockings are “circular-knit”, the absence of an under-foot seam ensures real walking comfort.