Fig.16 Combined Legger and French Footer
Making-up Operations.

1. Heel-tabs are knitted to the combined leg and foot at “A”.

2. The inside selvedge of the heel-tab is “waled” or “rubbed-out” to give a wide wale for the sidelinker.

3. The first full course of the sole below the heel tab is run on to the points of a side-linking machine. The thin fabric at “A” is cut with a razor blade, and the waled heel selvedge is run on to the same points of this machine. The linking (looping) machine joins the two together. This operation is repeated on the other heel.

4. The ends of the heeltab are linked together stitch by stitch, and the fabric forming the end of the toe is closed by further linking operations.

5. The selvedges of the foot bottom are closed, and the back of the leg is also closed by what is known as a “cup-seaming” operation.

If the Auto-Heeling machine is used, the Making-up Operations are:-

1. Heel-tabs are knitted on to the hose leg and foot at “A”.



Fig. 15 Legger and English Footer
Making-up Operations.

1. The leg, heel-tabs, instep and the top of the toe portion of the stocking are made in one piece on a machine called a 'Legger.'

2. The heel-tabs are looped together on a Linking (Looping) machine so that “A” is joined to “B”.

3. The selvedge of the heel-tabs which was adjacent to the instep is then “waled” or “rubbed-out” with a hand tool to make a slack wale along the inside of the heel. This slack wale is run-on to the points of a bar called the transfer bar. The points of this bar are grooved so that they may fit over the needles of an English Footing machine and so facilitate the transference of the heels to the needles of the Footer.

4. The foot bottom (commencing from the heel selvedges) is knitted so that its shape corresponds to that of the instep and top of the toe.

5. The toe end of the leg “H” is linked to the toe end of the sole “Z”.

6. Selvedges “F” and “X” are seamed, as also are the selvedges “G” and “Y”, forming joins along each side of the foot.

7. The leg is then seamed, forming a join at the back of the leg.